Apple Mac keyboard on Linux


Das Keyboard for Apple systems contain an ‘Eject’ Key (so the chasis of a computer is nice and slick :)). Problem is, it comes at the cost of ‘Insert’ key.

Solution should work on all Linux distros.

  • (if doesn’t exist) create ~/.Xmodmap
    touch ~/.Xmodmap
  • Add a keycode to the end of the file:
    echo "keycode 169 = Insert" >> ~/.Xmodmap
  • Reload the config
    xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap

    ‘Eject’ key should stop ejecting the optical drive tray and act as Insert. Win :)

Known issues!!!

For some reason, certain Linux distros (in my case pop!OS) struggle with the above a bit, FREEZING the whole WindowsManager for a few seconds ecery time a terminal window is opened and the above command invoked. So there is another solution.

echo "xmodmap -e 'keycode 169 = Insert'" >> ~/bash_rc

That wil make the screen freeze for a second once - upon login to the desktop, but I see no issues afterwards.

(c) Dawid Krysiak