CloudWatch agent on MacOS

Download the installation package

Allow it to install

When you try to install it, you will be met with security restriction messages. Go to System preferences -> Security and Privacy -> unlock the padlock (might ask for password, should be the same as the main user) -> allow apps from store and identified developers ->ok

Configure the agent

In command line:

sudo /opt/aws/amazon-cloudwatch-agent/bin/amazon-cloudwatch-agent-config-wizard

Answer the questions as required. The config file is also located at /opt/aws/amazon-cloudwatch-agent/bin/config.json.

start the agent using the config.json generated by the above.

sudo /opt/aws/amazon-cloudwatch-agent/bin/amazon-cloudwatch-agent-ctl -a fetch-config -m ec2 -c file:/opt/aws/amazon-cloudwatch-agent/bin/config.json -s

check CloudWatch metrics for the new data.

(c) Dawid Krysiak