Vim magic

Why it’s here, there are so many tutorials online?

I decided to give it a go and ditch visual IDEs completely. Trying to make neovim my primary text editor / IDE. Keeping the notes here, just in case I need a cheat sheet. Basics of vi openvim

copy / paste within the same file

  • yy to yank one line, p to paste
  • ctrl+v to engage visual select, y to yank (or d to delete/cut), p to paste

vimdiff copy between left/right panes

  • Shift+V to select a line
  • k or j; { or }; up or down keys to select more lines
  • y (yank/copy selected lines)
  • ctrl+w, left/right to move to the other pane
  • p (paste)

format JSON

  • :%!python -m json.tool

(c) Dawid Krysiak